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EDT joins prestigious Future Club 2024 at Sci-Tech Daresbury

EDT is very excited to announce that they have been selected to join the prestigious Future Club 2024 at Sci-Tech Daresbury.

The Future Club programme provides a range of technical and business support to innovative science and technology start-ups helping each business to realise its growth potential. Launched in January 2021, five dynamic young businesses are handpicked each year to receive access to a range of business support and networking opportunities.

We are joined by a wealth of brilliant companies and we look forward to a year of supercharged growth and support from the phenomenal support package the Future Club comes with.

George, co-founder of EDT said:

Joining this year's Future Club is a significant milestone for Emerging Data Technologies. This opportunity opens up new possibilities for us and a vast network that would be challenging to access without Sci-Tech Daresbury’s support. We’re positive that the diverse expert support available through the club will be instrumental in our success.

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