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Transformative Technology Declared - EDT wins Innovate UK Transformative Technologies Grant

Updated: May 21

We are excited to announce that EDT has been successful in securing a grant from Innovate UK under the Transformative Technologies program.

The working title of the project is:

Machine Learning for Improving Product Quality in Advanced Manufacturing.

We are very much looking forward to beginning our project with Innovate UK, building next generation, data-driven solutions to enhance the precision manufacturing sector.

See the public description of the project from our initial application below:

The project we are proposing is the development of a set of machine learning models for the prediction of quality failures within advanced manufacturing.
Through mitigative, rather than reactive action, the risk of non-conforming product (waste) can be reduced. This runs in line with the steppingstones of the industry 4.0 roadmap, where applications of AI are the last step towards building the world class production facilities of the future. By reducing the risk of waste products firms will be able to produce product right first time, thus reducing supply chain shortages and increasing their ability to pivot to the demands of other sectors quickly.

If you would like to find out more about what we are doing within this project, just reach out to a member of the team and we would be delighted to meet up and grab a coffee!

Read more about the Transformative Technologies program here:

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